The right to access

Ensuring that everyone in the workplace can have the right access throughout a building is an essential part of how any business runs.

It’s also important that no one is excluded from the workplace, or disadvantaged in their job, because for whatever reason they cannot have full access. It’s also crucial that customers and visitors have the access they need and that businesses and organisations fulfill any statutory requirements for this.

Who we work with

We work successfully in partnership with a wide range of businesses and organisations to implement access solutions, whether as part of a building’s internal infrastructure, or in order to improve entry access for. We help hotels, care homes and many other businesses.

We also work with schools and other educational establishments to help them meet DDA requirements and maintain or improve their levels of inclusivity for all.

Whatever the business or organisation – or the scale of the solution – it comes down to the people. The right lift solution offers inclusion and equality for people who visit your business.

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