The Gulliver vertical platform lift is a hydraulic platform lift with its own shaft. It is the result of years of technical research and development with special attention paid to customer needs. 

The Gulliver shaft consists of a powder-coated galvanised steel structure with infill panels in a choice of glass, steel or laminate. The fact that Gulliver has its own shaft means that there is no need for a masonry shaft.

Custom made solutions
Engineered and designed for use either in public buildings or in your home, the Gulliver can be installed indoors or outdoors, in new buildings, or in the renovation of existing buildings. With a minimum width requirement of 730mm, the Gulliver is ideal for installation in small spaces.

Easy to install and use
Thanks to its modular panels the Gulliver is easy to assemble, installation can be done in just a few days. Once installation is complete and the lift is ready to use, the clearly defined push buttons make the lift simple to operate. Once inside the lift you will move smoothly from floor to floor thanks to our soft start and soft stop hydraulic system.

Eye for detail and reliability
With 70 standard platform sizes and a travel of up to 15 metres, whatever space you have available, you can almost always find a Gulliver platform to fit your needs. The shaft comes with a choice of transparent, opaque or smoked grey panels in safety glass, or solid panels in laminate or sheet steel. Powder-coated in a choice of over 200 colours: the Gulliver can be fully personalized.

Green energy
Certified with Class A energy efficiency, the Gulliver is built with fully recyclable material. Its power consumption is comparable to that of a standard household appliance and it requires only the standard household current for its operation.

Certified to meet CE and TUV standards


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