We are more than just a lift company

We care about people

Access is vital for everyone and can make all the difference to maintaining or improving quality of life. We understand how important it is to listen to what people want and need. That’s why access is our business. Whether it’s in the home, at work, in education, or anywhere where people want or need to go, access and the right not to be excluded are vital to how we live our lives.

At Versatile Lift Company our aim is to provide value. That means, we provide access solutions by listening to you, our customers, finding out what you want to achieve and what would make life easier. We arm you with enough information so that you can make the right choice for you and your home or business. 

We’re here to help

We’ve been providing lifts and specialised access products for over thirteen years. We’re absolutely passionate about what we do and how we can help people. We’ve built our professional reputation on quality and the level of service that we provide and we do that by working as a team from start to finish; all of us committed to giving our best.

Service and support

Access solutions

We understand that having restricted access is a problem and sometimes a sensitive issue. So when people come to us for advice we listen, we visit and we assess. We take everything into account and we come up with a solution. If you’re at home and you need help we’ll visit you there. If you have a building where you have specific requirements to help people get around it, we’ll find a solution for you. We know that people’s needs are different just as buildings have different access requirements.

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